Who, Me? A Blogger?

I’ll admit it. I’m an extremely nosy person. I think that’s why I avidly watch YouTube daily vloggers and I follow so many personal blogs on here and on Tumblr. I feel as though it’s almost a privilege to be able to read someone’s blog and learn their thoughts and opinions on everything. So reading personal blogs? I love it. But starting my own? I never really wanted to until now.

I’ve kept a diary on and off throughout my life. I appreciate my parents instilling in me that it was important to write down all your thoughts even if you thought they were silly or invalid. It’s great because I like to read back on my diaries and remember what it was like at that certain moment in my life.

It’s one thing to write in a special diary that you got from Chapters, it’s another to put it online for any random person to see it! I suppose I never felt the need to start a blog because I didn’t believe that I had anything important to say and that I didn’t have an outrageously interesting life that anybody would want to learn about. While those things are still true in my mind, there really isn’t a better time to start something new on the first day of the new year!

So, here is my personal blog. Be kind, please. It’s sensitive to being the new kid in the internet world. I may not have profound things to say, but here it is. My blog. My diary. Me.